Best Summer Healthcare Tips

Best Summer Healthcare Tips in 2020

Protect your Eyes from Summer

Apply sunscreen around the eyes as well. You can use homemade packaging to soothe your eyes. Use peeps to protect your eyes. A very relaxing homemade cucumber and mint eye mask.

Stay Avoid from Heatstroke

Heatstroke is dangerous from dehydration and affects normal body functions in minutes. Headaches and dizziness will also accompany sunstroke and cause severe damage. The worst part is that children and the elderly are more likely to. They are more prone to sunstroke than others. If you plan to stay outdoors all day, take plenty of fluids with you.

Safe Travel Time in summer

Summer is officially here and you should have all planned summer vacation. Even if you don’t go somewhere with your family, there will be times when you need to travel. The heat and the many risks to your health are a major concern while traveling during the hottest months of the year.

Stay Hydrated in summer:

It’s important to increase fluid uptake in order to sustain proper metabolism and other bodily functions. Drink a lot of water and water-based to make sure you compensate for the loss of water.

Take Good Food:

Digestive disorders are very common during the summer and make you travel more valuable to them due to the inevitable change in eating habits. Limiting your meals to eating small portions and avoiding foods from unhealthy sources can help prevent the large number of stomach diseases that spread in the summer.

Protect your Eyes from Sun:

It is by far the most effective barrier against the hot sun. Choose a pair of UV-resistant glasses and protect your eyes from harmful glare while making summer travel plans.

Pack Your Travel Bag with summer Healthcare Kit

You need to carry your travel health kit with following medicines

  • Anti-diarrhea medication such as Imodium
  • Ibuprofen or naproxen
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Band-Aids

Eat Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Currently, most vegetables and fruits are available throughout the year. However, seasonal food intake has its own charm and health benefits. Always choose freshly harvested foods to extract the best benefits they have to offer. Load up with mangoes, tomatoes, plums, berries, oranges, watermelon, and celery.

Load more refreshing foods for the body and more hydrating foods that will help you continue with this heat and more sesame, watermelon, cucumber, coconut water,  fennel, seeds mint.

Summer often makes you feel thirsty, which leads us to switch to cold drinks and energy drinks that turned out to be dangerous in the long run. Whenever you feel like hydrate, prefer to drink orange or melon juice.

Protect yourself from the Sun

Strawberries and kiwi are full of vitamin C, another important eye antioxidant. Sources include all fresh plants, particularly red peppers, grapefruits, oranges, kiwis, broccoli, strawberries, green peppers and tomatoes. Many of them are also rich in carotenes.

2 cups Greek fat-free yogurt ½ cup shredded strawberries ½ cup peeled and chopped kiwi ½ cup chopped nuts


Divide the ingredients in half and place them in two tall glasses below.

A layer of yogurt followed by a layer of kiwi, crushed walnuts, yogurt, strawberries, crushed walnuts, and a layer of yogurt. Add the kiwi and the remaining strawberries on top.

Apply Best Sunscreens

Nothing is more important to maintain a younger, protected, and more difficult complexion than the daily use of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. This is a Choice of Skincare embraced with every sunscreen. If your skin is exposed to daylight, even indirectly, you need sunscreen. When used as directed with other sun protection measures, sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging caused by the sun.

The best way to apply sunscreen:

  • Apply a layer that you can see over the areas of your skin that will be exposed to daylight.
  • Massage this layer into the skin

If you plan to spend a long day outdoors, apply another thin layer.

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